Sunday, September 26, 2010

10 Reasons I Feel Old Today

1. I'm 24 today, and now in my mid-twenties.
2. I'm more content laying in bed like I am at this moment than going out.
3. I'm grateful for the time alone, of which I have had very little lately. I have no interest in planning a party.
4. I lay and listened to music today, some of which was 20 years old.
5. I will be spending any birthday money I receive on groceries and gas.
6. My back hurts, and has hurt every day for the last ten years.
7. I'm starting to measure time in chunks of years (decades, etc.) rather than single years or grades in school.
8. I fell asleep at 10 last night.
9. Two things I want very badly right now: coffee and NPR.
10. There's plenty I would like to do right now but I'm too tired to do any of it.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! What the mind conceives, the body achieves. So don't think you're old. Go out and live your life. Hehe. :) Have a great day! Take care!

  2. You've worked the last 13 days or so in a row! Your tiredness is a reflection of your schedule, not your age! Here are 10 reasons to feel great today: 1. You're in your mid-twenties, not your mid-forties. 2. You have a day to rest. 3. Parties can be disappointing. 4. It doesn't matter how old the music is, if it's music to your ears. 5. You have money for groceries and gas. 6. You don't have spina bifida. 7. Time is an illusion. 8. You don't have insomnia. 9. Desires can be motivating. 10. You have the next 20 years to do everything you want to do, and then you'll only be in your mid-forties. Love (the last person you want comments from), Mom

  3. Mom, the last person I want comments from is a hater/douche/troll type who comes around for the sole purpose of attacking my posts, which I've seen on lots of other blogs. It means a lot to me that you took the time to write supportive tidbits on the day I was feeling old and tired, in addition to the voice mail birthday song.

    Novie, thanks for the well-wishes. I can't say I "went out" exactly, but I definitely enjoyed the day off.


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