Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Will You Still Love Me Even If I Talk About Happy Things?

As I mentioned previously, I got a new job in an office, which started today.

I was super excited. Finally, a break. Finally, a step up--a small one, but a step nonetheless. Finally, advancement prospects beyond "moving up" to miserable cafe manager (blech). Finally, I'm not the sad old-timer on staff (except one day a week at my now part-time gig, but whatever). I'm going to be moving from site to site and working in different clients' offices, so the scenery will change.

In light of all these good times I present to you the following:

Reasons I Felt Happy and Grown Up Today

1. When my alarm went off, it was light out.
2. I wore pinstripe pants, an oxford-style shirt, and heels, and my hair was down--no visor, apron, or tennis shoes with dried mayonnaise globs on them were involved.
3. I got to enjoy NPR and coffee during the sunny commute.
4. I met dozens of people today, all most of whom smiled at me and none of whom attempted to order a sandwich. There were no customers, registers, dining rooms, dishes to wash, or ovens going off.
5. The manager at my training site went to the same school I did and studied music.
6. Several people asked me about school and when I graduated, and none of them asked, "So what are you going to do now?" or, "You still work here?"
7. There is a such thing as downtime, and when it happens I'm allowed to read or use e-mail. My bosses will be doing this too, and therefore will not be breathing down my neck about "standing around" because I haven't moved in the last five seconds or give me petty cleaning tasks to milk my paid time.
8. I get an hour for lunch--no "I'll give you 30 minutes if we're dead" or "my sales and labor are good so I'm not doing breaks today" bullshit.
9. None of my co-workers called off citing mysterious illnesses an hour after their shift was supposed to start or appeared to be drunk, high, or hungover on the job.
10. I'll go to work tomorrow at 8 and leave at 5. I will do this again on Thursday, and then on Friday. I will, under no circumstances, be working in the office this weekend.

With all the positive change, however, two caveats must be noted.

1. All the locations have been given different dress codes, and while many are business casual the rest will require me to wear a polo--a work fashion I cannot seem to escape.
2. I found myself taking in the familiar odor of balsamic dressing, realizing that one of the office managers upstairs had food catered from the cafe where I work. This place may never leave me.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! i'm glad things are going well and i wish ya luck, bagel fairy!!

  2. I'm really happy for you and your new job!!!!


  3. Hahaha. I like the title of this post. And congrats on your new job. I hope you stay happy.



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