Sunday, November 7, 2010

Anonymous, I've Been Waiting for You

You really know you've hit the blogging big time when you get your first nasty comment from good ol' Anonymous. Anonymous, for those of you who don’t know, is a self-appointed expert on everything, who leaves comments on articles and/or blogs. (S)he knows everything about you, your life, and the situation you’re describing; and, claiming to have read your entire blog and understood the point of it, Anonymous has generously come to share his/her opinion about why you’re a horrible person.

Anonymous either A.) takes everything literally and has no sense of humor, or 2.) sees him/herself reflected somewhere in the blogger’s words and doesn’t like having him/herself reflected back. (S)he is not above name-calling all the while accusing you of immaturity, taking your words out of context to prove how you take situations out of context, and displaying faux sincerity by saying (s)he hopes you will change. Upon wrapping up his/her arguments about why you and your blog are a scourge on society, Anonymous then hopes to degrade you to the point of humiliation by asserting that, based on what you write in your blog, you have no love, friends, or joy in your life.

Of course, Anonymous will never reveal his/her identity, blog, or online persona, preferring to hide under the cloak of anonymity while the rest of us dare to share our opinions openly. After having used up all that time attacking people on the internet, after all, who really has time do deal with any resulting repercussions?


  1. Nice rebuttal! You know how I feel about those anonymous, cowardly asshats. This is your blog and if they don't like what they read they can always click on the 'NEXT BLOG' button.
    Big hugs!!

  2. Congrats on your first anonymous commenter :) Maybe (s)he will be a recurring commenter so you can make fun of him/her like The Bitchy Waiter :)

  3. lol, i saw that post. what a goober. say it with balls, if you're gonna say it!! :D

  4. I LOVE YOU!

    ...and ABBA...


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