Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Stats

Those of you who have blogs are aware of the stats feature Blogger now has, and let me say it is fantastic for the narcissists among us.

According to Blogger, my post about Kim Kardashian generated the most hits, most likely because the pictures I used came up in image searches for people trolling for glimpses of KK's boobies. My post on cougars comes in second.

The blog which has directed the largest number of people to this one belongs to The Bartender (thank you!). Facebook used to be the site that brought the most readers to me because I linked the URL on my profile, but I removed that once I got a new job.

Most of the keyword searches have some combination of Is This Desire, Bagel Fairy, or Prose Therapy in them because my friends and family can never remember the URL and are too embarrassed by me to ever bookmark this page. A few keyword searches such as "blogspot gloryhole," "cougar young men lawn boy," "douchey rich people comments," and (my favorite) "female tight wads can't afford dick and gas money" have also brought people to my rantings and ruminations.

Most of my readers, not surprisingly, are American, and some are British. Canadians, Australians, Chinese, Slovenian, Ukranian, Indian, and Spanish users of the interwebz have also stumbled in from time to time.

My frequency of visits climbed from the time I began writing in May and peaked in October, likely (and hopefully) because I have had less time and have been posting less.

Most important to me, however, are those of you who read, comment, get the point, and support what I'm doing here. Thanks for reading, thanks for having my back, and thanks for making me laugh.

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