Saturday, November 20, 2010

On Life Lessons and Hail Marys

This week was a relatively pleasant one at both jobs, so I dare not spoil it by fishing for negativity. Instead, I would like to share a warning with you: be careful about what's on your iPod, mp3 player, or computer when sharing with others. I don't say this because I care about your security, but because you might wind up very embarrassed if you're not vigilant.

A co-worker of mine synched his iPod with another co-worker's. The co-worker on the receiving end of the iPod synch now has hours of his pornographic videos, much to the first co-worker's chagrin and embarrassment.

The lesson here: unless you want the entire staff at your job to know you like to watch videos of young men sodomizing each other to the soundtrack of Schubert's Ave Maria, do be careful.


  1. lol wow and i bet that's a conversation starter <3

    "do check out my extensive library of bach symphones. it's listed beneath "back door boys 3" and "butthole explorations"."



  2. Now, if I missed Back Door Boys 1 and 2, will I be lost if I watch the third one?


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