Monday, January 24, 2011

I suppose I always have wanted a gay following...

Ever since this post went up, it alone has brought over 100 gay men viewers to my blog. The only post that ever brought more was this one. Seeing as the former has been up for a month and the latter for over half a year, it's pretty obvious that Big Cock will soon eclipse Kim Kardashian.

For those who stumbled in here looking for porn and found only a picture of a giant chicken, I apologize for deceiving you. I realize it was a cheap trick to get more blog traffic, and while the ploy was successful, I imagine you were more inclined to click the 'back' button than to read further. In any case, you'd already had to double the effort because you were likely typing one-handed, thereby making it that much more inconvenient.

I'd like to make it up to you. If you really want what you were looking for, don't click the back button. (DISCLAIMER: It really is what you think it is, so if your delicate sensibilities are offended by Spartan Men, DO NOT click on the links.)

Click here, here, and here. You're welcome.


  1. ...I clicked on the link before I read the the final sentence.... the images BURN my EYES....


  2. Hello there!! You just got an award, come check it out at my blog:

  3. I clicked on your links just to see what you had to offer. Not quite what I had I'm leaving that one alone.

    That aside, that post was pretty hilarious and I have to give you points for it. :)

  4. >////<

    howd you KNOW i love cock on cock!!? :DD



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