Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Brother is Watching the Bagel Fairy Pick Her Wedgie

Remember Il Duce?

Apparently, changing two dozen procedures and policies was not enough. Now that the dust has settled and he can't have his minions in the store at all times, Il Duce has installed cameras all around the store - in the dining room, by the registers, in the back of house, over the food line, and of course in the office, where the safe is. There is a monitor in the manager's office which displays all the aforementioned screens, and evidently an employee somewhere in East Bumblefuck gets paid to sit and watch all these screens, as well as those of all the other stores in the franchise.

Oh, and Il Duce's son, the one working as a shift supervisor and receiving an "allowance" by the big cheese in lieu of an hourly wage by the company, showed up drunk to work last night. I guess that didn't get caught on camera.


  1. Indeed, RM. I had high hopes for him because the managers who had closed with him said that he worked hard to earn his keep, which I didn't expect. But, as it turns out, he may be no better than half the preppers.


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