Friday, February 4, 2011

No Friday For You!

Friday is not a cause for celebration when you're in food service.

Most of our customers work in offices or are affiliated with the nearby university, meaning that they run on a M-F schedule, even if they don't necessarily keep 9-5 hours. So, on Fridays, well-meaning people comment on the oncoming weekend and say things like, "Happy Friday!" on their way out.

I remember working in the cafe five days a week, when I would typically have one weekend day and one random weekday off. I almost never got two days off in a row, but the scheduling manager would try to at least give me a Saturday or Sunday. Even then, I had an enviably regular schedule compared to the other full-timers because I was an opener and kept similar hours each day.

So when those regulars celebrated the imminent weekend that I myself would not always enjoy, I would wish the same to them while quietly envying their jobs which allowed them to sit down, have hour-long lunches, and two-day weekends. Even though I now have finally found one of those jobs, I still work Saturday mornings, thereby continuing to rob me of the joy of Friday. When people at my job get excited about the weekend, I pretend I feel the same, though I know I still have one more day of getting up before dawn to get through. And I know I can no longer be bitter about it, as it is now my choice to give up a portion of my weekend.

So, happy Friday to you. But not me.

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