Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Conversations With My Family

When I was little, my dad's side of the family would get together for gatherings. When it came time to decide on an activity or restaurant we would stand around either arguing or playing the passive-aggressive "Who's going to say something first so I can figure out what I should suggest?" game. A few years ago, it turned into a conversation via e-mail in which everyone would hit 'reply all' with their two cents. These days, Survey Monkey is how we roll.

The following is a survey that went out today regarding my sister's visit this weekend.

1. Which activity do you prefer?

a.) Miniature Golf (weather permitting)
b.) Bowling & Arcade
c.) Board Games (in conference room at my office)
d.) Conservatory (Includes chamber music concert 2:00)
e.) Beer Pong

The ratings:
Awesome Idea!
Sounds Good

2. Restaurant Preference

a.) BJ's
b.) Mimi's Cafe
c.) Red Lobster
d.) Olive Garden
e.) Sushi
f.) Japanese Steakhouse
g.) California Pizza Kitchen
h.) Mongolian BBQ
i.) White Castle
j.) Other suggestion (as if we really needed to make the list any longer)

The ratings:
Good choice
I think I'd want to hurl

3. I prefer to

a.) Eat late lunch around 2:30, activity afterward
b.) Activity first, dinner afterward
c.) I don't care

4. I think Mom and Dad should

a.) Live in the house until they retire
b.) Move to a condo
c.) Buy a ridiculously large house since it's a buyer's market
d.) Rent
e.) Live in the garage and save for retirement

5. I think Jenny...

a.) Is a hippie [Bagel Fairy's Note: She's a vegetarian]
b.) Needs to get another dog [BF's note: She has three]
c.) Now has storms chasing her instead of the other way around [BF's Note: She majored in meteorology and wanted to be a storm chaser, but recently had her roof torn up by a tornado]
d.) Is taking too long to produce grandchildren/nieces/nephews
e.) More opinions


  1. This is the ultimate passive-aggressive masterpiece. Way to express your options and opinions, Dad :) I'm certain my dad would do the same thing, if he even knew how to work his e-mail. Although, if you're doing a family activity, I'd avoid the White Castle.


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