Saturday, March 3, 2012

30 Letters: Day 1 — your best friend


There aren’t many people who can say at 25 that they’re still friends with someone they met at college freshman orientation. I think I knew this back then, which is why I seemed barely moved when you pointed out we were wearing the same shoes. But then, it turned out that we would live on the same floor, be in many of the same classes, and – as it turned out – pretty much have the exact same sense of humor.

I love talking to you, because I don’t have to perform rhetorical gymnastics or draw diagrams to get you to understand why I feel the way I feel about something…I just explain it, and you get it. You’re someone I always know I can count on to listen when I have a problem, or, to laugh your ass off when I find something funny that I’m not supposed to, and will probably go to hell for laughing at. At least we’ll be in hell together, right?

We have so many good memories. I can’t expel from my mind the image of Kevin throwing up on your bed at the stereotypes party, and then getting his blackface paint all over your bathroom, or the time you endured the full horrors of Ranch Dressing Guy. I tell just about everybody about the pirate party and Slash. You were, of course, my favorite person to skip class and have coffee with. It must be said, though, that we did not spend all of our time in school together engaged in delinquent activities. We also studied, played music, talked literature, and made fun of people together. And when it all came to an end on graduation day, you were the first (and, as it turned out, only) fellow alum I went to hug. And you and I, we’re not “huggers.”

I was so excited when I found out you were starting law school, and even more so when you told me you’d be staying in Columbus for it. It’s been awesome having a friend nearby, especially someone who’s been so supportive of my own post-undergrad academic journey. And though I may leave the state next year, know that I will call to harass/seek advice/share a geek joke from time to time.

Amicably yours,

The Bagel Fairy (thanks for coining the name, by the way)

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