Saturday, March 10, 2012

30 Letters: Day 8 — your favorite internet friend

[Name Withheld],

Saying you’re my “favorite internet friend” is a bit of a stretch, considering we only had a real conversation one time. We have been Facebook friends since 2008, when we worked as computer lab monitors at school, and never talked in person except when we were changing shifts. We never even communicated online until one random day about a year ago, but the conversation we had reminded me of how awesome the internet is.

I don’t log into Facebook chat very often, but on one lazy day, I turned on the feature to talk to a few friends and see who’d message me, and there you were. We started with a little small talk, and just as I was wondering where else the conversation was going to go, you seemed to be angling to tell me something more significant. You told me I “seem like an open-minded person,” which naturally piqued my interest, and then asked me if I would be willing to give advice on a situation that involved you and your girlfriend. Now, I don’t know how you managed to figure this out, but I was the perfect person for this because 1.) I’m very curious about other people’s lives and love to hear stuff I normally wouldn’t (read: I’m nosy), 2.) I do consider myself an open-minded person and it takes a lot to make me squeamish, 3.) I’m pretty good at giving advice, and 4.) I hadn’t heard anything juicy all week. So you told me, and man…you did not disappoint.

Out of respect for your privacy on this public blog, and because certain readers may blush, I won’t post what you told me. But I will say that I found it surprising and fascinating, and if I do say so myself, you came to the right person to tell about it because I am a firm believer that what consenting adults do with other consenting adults is a-OK.  So, from me you got 100% support to be who you are, and  from you I got a good story from one of the last people I’d expect to hear it from. In all seriousness, I left that conversation feeling like I’d really helped someone, and I was glad you chose to tell me instead of someone who would judge or pathologize you (yes, I know I’m patting myself on the back a little, readers – just bear with me).

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to talk since then – this is mostly my fault because I’m never on Facebook chat. But the truth is, I’m dying to hear what happened after…well, you know.

Curiously yours,

Random Facebook Girl

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